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Collaborators: Dr. Hernán Sabio, Dr. Eileen Pacheco, Dr. Genoveva Martínez, Dr. Gilberto Jiménez, Dr. Fernando Cabanillas and Dr. Norman Maldonado.

The International Society of Hematology has a new Web page where you can find information about our Society.

The International Society of Hematology is the first world professional society of Hematology founded in 1946 at a joint meeting of the Mexican, American, one Canadian and one British hematologist. For a decade it remained the only hematology society where the most important advances in the field were presented and where the leading hematologists in the world participated.

The Society has three divisions, the Interamerican, the European & African and the Asian- Pacific. Each has an Executive Secretary and there is a Board with a President that rotates periodically. There is a World Congress every two years and each Division also has a Divisional Meeting every two years on the alternate year.

Next Congresses

  • The next World Congress will be in Bangkok, Thailand October 19-23, 2008. Please visit
  • The next Divisional meeting is the Congress of the European & African Division next August 29 to September 2007 in Budapest, Hungary. Please visit
  • The Asian Pacific Division will meet in Beijing, China next September 21-24 ,2007. Please visit
  • The Interamerican Division Congress in 2009 will be in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include belonging to the World’s oldest hematology society and participating in Congresses in all the continents. This provides an opportunity to learn about the health problems of the different regions of the world and share information with the leaders in hematology from different countries. You have access to our webpage with information about our activities. A periodic Newsletter with the latest developments in hematology reported in the latest congresses is a new benefit. We have the lowest annual dues of $20 a year.


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