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Mexican Society of Hematology (AMEH)

Since 1955 a group of hematologists of Mexico City met to perform academic activities including Dr. Luis Sánchez Medal a prominent hematologist, researcher, founder of hematology in Mexico. In 20 April 1959 it was decided to create a group with official character, integrated by professionals that attend to meetings , it was agreed to call it Agrupación Mexicana para el Estudio de la Hematología (AMEH) being The first president was Dr. Luis Sanchez Medal.

Since then every month academic sessions have been held in Mexico City as well as the annual congresses in different cities of the country. Its development has been upward for increased from one to four days of Congress, including Pre-Congress Courses increasing the duration of the same. International professors carried out alongside the fifty national professors conferences, symposia, round table discussions, promoting the constant update of attendees reaching 1000 per year.

It is a medical organization that integrates the hematology professionals both hematologists and clinical pathologists, internists, chemists and students; with the aim of achieving the development of hematology in the country through the members of the Board of Directors, regional representatives, partners of AMEH 630 members.

The main objective of AMEH is to provide the ideal space for partners receiving the best professional upgrade through the implementation of national and international meetings, courses, conferences, seminars, publications and other appropriate means to achieve the above mentioned objective.

Inside the AMEH there are the following committees:

  • Advisory Council formed by the active Ex-Presidents of AMEH, the President and Vice-president in function.
  • Committee of Honor and Justice integrated by five members of AMEH and the last five Ex-Presidents of AMEH.
  • Committee for Heritage and Economic Regime composed of the President and the Treasurer in function, a former President and two regular members of AMEH.
  • Editorial Committee composed of five titular members with editorial experience, the Member of Academic Activities and the President in function.

Website: www.amehac.org
E-mail: contacto@amehac.org

Front Row (Left to Right) : Ramón Rivas-Llamas,MD, Nidia P. Zapata-Canto, MD.
Back Row (Left to Right) : Guillermo J. Ruiz-Delgado, MD, FACP, Ignacio J. Aguirre-Aguirre, MD, Jorge Duque-RodrIguez, MD.

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