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Egyptian Society of Hematology and Research (ESHR)

The Egyptian Society of Hematology and Research (ESHR) is the National Society of Hematology in Egypt. It was declared as an independent body directly affiliated to the "Ministry of Social Affairs" in 2003 # 5182/2003.
The total number of active registered members at the beginning of 2017 is four hundred.

ESHR Board Members:
Prof. Dr Faiza Hammouda: President
Prof. Dr. Amal El-Beshlawy: Vice President
Prof. Dr Azza Kamel: Secretary General
Prof. Dr. Somaya El-Gawhary: Treasurer
Prof. Dr. Azza Mostafa
Prof. Dr. Magda Assem
Prof. Dr. Mervat Matter
Prof. Dr. Nevine Kassem
Prof. Dr. Magdy El-Ekiaby
Prof. Dr. Hossam Kamel
Prof. Dr. Hussein Khaled
Prof. Dr. Alaa El-Haddad
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Selim
Prof. Dr. Heba El-Zawahry
Prof. Dr. Seham Omer

ESHR goals:

  • To achieve excellence in patient care, education and research in hematology
  • To promote close interaction between clinical and laboratory hematology
  • To interact and collaborate with National Hematology Societies in Arab countries and International Hematology Societies worldwide

ESHR main activities:

  • Annual National conference with national and international speakers with 300-400 attendees
  • Scientific Journal "JESHR": Two issues per year
  • Seminars held in different institutions in Egypt (outside Cairo); last was in Fayoum in January 2017.
  • Organizing regional and International conferences:
  • XX ISH-EAD conference 10-13 October, 2009 with 1194 attendees
  • V Pan Arab Hematology Association Conference 11-13 February, 2016 under the patronage of the League of Arab States with 800 attendees
  • Highlights of past EHA (HOPE) 2017 will be held in September 14-16, 2017
  • Patients Advocacy groups:
  • Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)
  • Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)
  • Coagulopathies

The MPN group "NEDA" has already organized 3 patient / doctor meeting with celebration of the first Egyptian MPN day including press media coverage. It has its Facebook account (NEDA) for patient access with online patient information material and videos in Arabic and Q and A section. Prof. Dr. Mervat Mattar, an ESHR board member, has also participated in the local and MENA region rare disease forums addressing MPN patients.
An ITP patient advocacy group "SHEFA" is also formed including both pediatric and adult patients with its first meeting due on March 2017.

Both groups are currently applying for International advocacy membership.

The coagulopathies group is underway.

Web site: www.eshr.edu.eg

ESHR Executive Board Members

Prof Dr. Faiza Hammouda
Vice President
Prof. Dr. Amal El-Beshlawy
Secretary General
Prof. Dr. Azza Kamel
Prof. Dr. Somaya El-Gawhary
Board Member
Prof. Dr. Hossam Kamel
Board Member
Prof. Dr. Mervat Matter
Board Member
Prof. Dr. Azza Mostafa

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