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Turkish Society of Hematology (TSH)


The Turkish Society of Hematology (TSH) was founded by Sedat Tavat, Arif Ismet Çetingil, F. Reimann, Seref Inceman, Orhan N. Ulutin, Ayhan Çavdar, Burhan Say, Nail Tartaroglu and Mustafa Karaca in 1967. This year marks the 49th Anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Society of Hematology.

The Society, as the only official representative of scientists of hematology in Turkey, boasts a membership of 806 at home and abroad, and is one of the most active and oldest societies in the country. The Society falls under the auspices of the International Society of Hematology through the European-African Division of ISH. Since 2004, TSH, in association with the European Hematology Association (EHA) and the European Council for Accreditation in Hematology (ECAH), has awarded Continuing Medical Education (CME) accreditation points for participation in scientific and education programs. The Society’s official web page (www.thd.org.tr) contains information on TSH awards and grants; latest news regarding hematological malignancies, patient resources, and meetings; and an educational database. The website also consists of a news portal, which posts news to members, as well as a link to the Turkish Journal of Hematology.

The missions of TSH are;

  • To provide information flow regarding hematology and branches of science collaborating with hematology,
  • To improve and support studies and investigations in this field, to offer use of these studies within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey regardless limitations such as region and area
  • To provide the best representation of Turkish hematology at national and international level

The presidents of the Turkish Society of Hematology are listed below in chronological order: S¸eref I·nceman, MD (1967-1969), Orhan Ulutin, MD (1969-1996), Yücel Tangün, MD (1996-2001), Osman Ilhan, MD (2001-2005), Muhit Özcan, MD (2005- 2011), Teoman Soysal, MD (2011-2015), Ahmet Muzaffer Demir , MD (2015- )


President: Ahmet Muzaffer Demir, MD
Vice President: Tiraje Celkan MD
General Secretary: G. Hayri Özsan, MD
Research Secretary: Cem Ar, MD
Treasurer: Naci Tiftik, MD
Member: Meltem Yüksel, MD
Member: İlknur Kozanoğlu, MD

TSH supports and aims to standardize nationwide hematology education with;
• National and International congresses
• Turkish School of Hematology
• EHA /ISTH / ISLH Joint Educational Sessions at the annual meeting of TSH
• Tutorials (EHA)
• Research grants (fellows/ postgraduates), awards
• Scholarships
• Publications

The society has organized 41 National Congresses with international participation. Ithas a distinguished 48-year record of organizing Annual Hematology Congress of the highest quality, many of which have accommodatedover 1,000 attendees. Plans are underway for an outstanding Annual Congress, “The 42nd National Hematology Congress and 11th Balkan day of Hematology”, to be held October 19-22, 2016 in Antalya, Turkey with the highest quality scientific content. The society also organizes National Bone Marrow Transplantation and Stem Cell Therapies Congress on every two years. The history of this congress dates back to 1996. TSH has broadened its concept and has planned an outstanding event based on the recent advances in bone marrow transplantation and stem cell therapies.

The International Congress on Lymphoma- Leukemia-Myeloma provides a unique forum for scientists and medical professionals gathered from around the world to meet and exchange ideas and information in the field of hematology. The scientific program of the ICLLM Congress boasts most of the hematology masters who aim to provide a perfect balance between clinical education and news of the latest scientific developments. World renowned hematologists specialized in their areas are invited to this congress. Participants from different countries attend to the congress.
The following international congresses were organized by the Turkish Society of Hematology:

• ISH Asian-Pacific Division, Istanbul 1969
• 2nd Congress on Thrombosis, Istanbul 1971
• 9th Congress of World Federation of Hemophilia, Istanbul 1974
• International Symposium on Blood Platelets, Istanbul 1974
• International Symposium on Abnormal Hemoglobins and Thalassemia, Istanbul 1974
• 4th Meeting of ISH European-African Division, Istanbul 1977
• 3rd Meeting of Mediterranean Blood Club, Antalya 1979
• International Istanbul Symposia on Hematology, Istanbul 1981
• 30th World Congress of International Society of Hematology, Istanbul 2005
• 1st Balkan Hematology Days, Antalya 2006
• 1st International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , Fethiye 2007
• 2nd International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , I·stanbul 2009
• 3rd International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , I·stanbul 2011
• 4th International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , I·stanbul 2013
• 8th Balkan Hematology Days, Antalya 2013
• 5th International Lymphoma-Leukemia- Myeloma (LLM) Congress , I·stanbul 2015

• Type III on Lymphoid Malignancies 25-27 September 2009, Kayseri
• Type II on Myeloid Malignancies, 2010, Istanbul
• Type III on Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 2013, Trabzon
• Type III on Consultative HematologyJune 28-29, 2014, Van
• Type III on Bone Marrow Failure (Congenital &Acquired Aplastic Anemia, MDS) 25-26 April 2015, Erzurum
• Type III on Plasma Cell Disorders March 19-20, 2016 Kuşadası

TSH also organizes;

• ICHEP (Hematology Education for Industrial Representatives): This course is designed to educate industrial representatives on basic hematology topics and this year 7th educational course was held.
• Basic Hematology Education For Primary Physicians: TSH aimed to update the primary physicians hematology knowledge in small cities in Turkey.
• Basic Hematology Education For Public: This education’s aim is to create a public awareness about hematologic diseases, both benign and/or preventable and malignant ones.

TSH promotes hematological research and to support junior, basic, and clinical researchers in the development of their careers. TSH has funding programs and grants as:
HAUD (Hematology fellow international training grant): This fellowship program is for young fellows that cover six-month training in the United States or Europe. TSH covers their travel expenses and provides monthly payment. Eight hematologists are presently benefiting from this program and began or completed their six-month study. There are 17 fellows who trained with this grant.

Research Projects Awards: Each year TSH has budget funds for research projects. Each project is evaluated by referees. Until this year TSH gave grants for total 46 projects. More information is available at TSH web site. Each year TSH funds approximately $100.000 budget for this award.

International Congress Grant: Young investigators are encouraged to attend international meetings. Travel and accommodation expenses are covered by TSH for the members who have an oral presentation at an international important meeting.

TSH Annual Congress Awards: High quality researches submitted in the TSH Annual Congress are evaluated by a jury. Top 6 clinical studies are awarded. The abstract which uses Turkish properly also awarded.

International scientific publication award (UYDO): TSH supports its members for their publications in journals related to field of hematology indexed in Index Medicus.

Fellowship Grants: The top ranking candidates who have chosen the field of hematology receives monthly payment during his/her hematology training.

TSH- Industrial Sponsored Grants: TSH has grants for its members with the funding from pharmaceutical companies to train abroad for short terms under specific topic such as CML, Lymphoma, Myeloma. TSH also encourages young hematologists to apply for this grant and help in finding a clinic to work at.

1. Acute Leukemia
2. Bone Marrow Failure
3. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Myeloproliferative Neoplasies
4. Hemapheresis, Blood Banking and Transfusion
5. Hematopathology
6. Hemophilia
7. Hemostasis-Thrombosis
8. Infectious Diseases and Supportive Therapies
9. Laboratory Standards
10. Lymphoma
11. Molecular Hematology and Cytogenetics
12. Multiple Myeloma
13. Red Blood Cell Disorders and Hemoglobin
14. Stem Cell Transplantation
15. Immunohematology



In 2008, Turkish Society of Hematology initiated a new program, the Turkish School of Hematology. This is an initiative towards the EHA passport and hematology curriculum to complement the needs in hematology education and emphasize important topics for the benefit of hematology fellows in Turkey.

TSH believe in the importance of hematology training and in its harmonization. After distribution and evaluation of the EHA questionnaire, it is realized that there are some minor missing elements in the education. Within the concept of the Turkish School of Hematology (TSH), TSH initiated a concise educational program capturing 30 young physicians (internists or pediatricians) who started their hematology fellowship in the previous year. The duration of the TSH is limited to three years and a total of 12 courses, which will be concordant with EHA curriculum and passport. Each course will be held during weekends at various places in Turkey within a simulating scientific atmosphere.

Since 2008, the hematology fellows increased to 167 up to date. New fellows joined TSH from the nearest course to be held, and asked to complete all 12 courses in a row. All these courses will be held under the unrestricted sponsorship of the Turkish Society of Hematology.

The first course which was held in Edirne on 2008, with 17 new fellows, focused mainly on the topics as general skills cited on the questionnaire, covering ethical issues, teamwork, EHA passport and curriculum project, as well. TSH plan to proceed with different essential hematology training topics in each course, including journal clubs and advanced medical statistics. Additionally, it will support them with detailed information about upcoming EHA&ESH courses, tutorials and encourage them to attend and to apply for research and travel grants. This year third semester started on September 2016 and upto now 159 fellows graduated from Turkish School of Hematology.



Turkish Society of Hematology's new project launched this year named “Turkish Hematology Academy (THA)” which aims to improve the quality of post-graduate hematology education and raise specialized hematologists in Turkey. The course is composed by a series of lectures delivered as modules on the first weekend of each month for six months.  Each module consists of 11 periods of 45 minutes spanning over one and a half days (from Saturday morning to Sunday noon). Modules include theoretical lectures, practical sessions and case-based discussions. There will be maximum 15 students in each class.

TSH, within the Lymphoma campaign in May 2008, had some social contributions to four medical vocational high schools. One of their classrooms are decorated with medical equipment and named as lymphoma classes. These 4 schools are from 4 different regions of Turkey.

TSH also supported students at elementary schools on April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day in 2011 in Adıyaman , in 2015 in Kahramanmaraş, in 2016 in Polatlı. And also in 2014 to the institution for the care of orphans in Ankara.

TSH had a campaign against lymphoma at the soccer games.

TSH had a medallion from Kızılay (Turkish Red Crescent Society) because of its support after 2011 Van Earthquake. TSH bought two earthquake rescue containers for the medical faculty in Van. 



Turkish Society of Hematology projects primarily goals are; creating a conscious public by educating people, presenting hematological diseases and increasing succeeded treatment rate.  For this campaign, our website is redesigned for patients and patient families. Turkish Society of Hematology will continue to represent Turkish hematology with a great success.

TSH had informative ads at newspapers and patient booklets on its web site.



The Society has a peer-reviewed international journal, "Turkish Journal of Hematology", with an International Board. The Journal is the continuation of the "New Istanbul Contribution of Clinical Science" established by Prof. E. Frank in 1951.
The Turkish Journal of Hematology is the regular publishing organ of the Turkish Society of Hematology. This periodical journal covers subjects on hematology. The journal is an independent, peer-reviewed international periodical, published quarterly (March, June, September and December) in English language. The Turkish Journal of Hematology is a nonprofit scientific peer reviewed journal.

The aim of the Turkish Journal Hematology is to publish original research papers of highest scientific and clinical value on hematology. Additionally, educational material, reviews on basic developments, editorial short notes, case reports, original views and letters from specialists on hematology, and hematology medicine covering their experience and comments as well as social subjects are published.

General Practitioners interested in hematology, and internal medicine specialists, are also our target audience, and we will arrange the Turkish Journal of Hematology according to their needs. The Turkish Journal of Hematology is indexed in SCIE, PubMed, EMBASE, SCOPUS, CINAHL, Index Copernicus, GALE, EBSCO, DOAJ and Türk Tıp Dizini. Full text of the Journal is available on-line at www.tjh.com.tr

TSH publishes bulletins every 4 months for informational purposes of TSH for its members.

This journal is in Turkish language and each issue is published on a specific topic in hematology.

TSH translated 3 textbooks into Turkish and all are available on TSH website.

There are 15 guidelines in Turkish language that are prepared by TSH Scientific Subcommittees on hematological malignancies on TSH website.

This website is only for professional-level audience and health professionals
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